Clash Steel Pro

Introducing our newest addition to the Clash Family and the successor of the Clash Steel. The all new Clash Steel Pro sets a new high standard with its new revolutionary design and the highest quality. 

That’s why you choose Clash Steel Pro

The distinctive design stands out from the rest due to new innovations and developments resulting in a table with the finest finishing to date. The table is designed with attention to the smallest details creating a table that has been formed to perfection. 

To ensure the highest quality, the table is 100% European made. We only work with manufacturers that share our vision of creating excellent tables by using only the best resources. We pay regular visits to our suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained and that is clearly visible in the end result.

This table surprised me for its quality, its consistence in playing and the use of superior materials. The players I work with and have played on this table have all found it to be one of the best tables around at the moment. The rails, pockets and design are exactly what it should be. This table is perfect to improve your game and become a champion!

Johan Ruysink’
-Professional Pool coach, 8 times winner Mosconi Cup-

What distinguishes the Clash Steel Pro

The rubber cushions used on the rails are Vector P-59 rubbers. Vector rubber is the standard used on carom tables during official matches and World Championships and will be featured for the first time on our new pool table. Among rubbercushion used in the billiardtables it is the highest standard and ensures the most accurate rebound. Our cloth strip is made of synthetic material and due to its sturdy embossing it ensures the perfect fit to hold the cloth in place.

Clash Pro Pockets are used in the new Clash Steel Pro. These pockets are of the highest match standards and use smart technology to ensure the highest quality and playing comfort. Due to a special designed top – down mounting, the pocket liners do not have nails or other metal components that could damage balls. Finally, each pocket can hold a complete set of balls!

Furthermore, the slanted finishing of the pocket makes sure that when a ball is potted it actually ends up in the pocket instead of bouncing out.

  • The pocket sizes meet the requirements of World Pool Association (11,7 cm for the corner pockets and 13 cm for the middle pockets). 
  • The tables are equipped with a facing of 3,175 mm, which is the standard for tournament tables.

The Clash Steel Pro has a solid, durable steel frame, which secures the stability of the table and maximum precision of the table. 

We use a 3-piece 30 mm thick slate to ensure the smoothest possible movement of balls and maximum precision of your shot.

  • Standard choice of black laminate finish.
  • Possibility to choose any Simonis cloth at your wish.

The construction of the rails consist of different pieces of oak wood which have been carefully put together to create the perfect stability of the rail.

Customize your table

It is also possible to customize your table to your wishes. Ask us for more information about the possibilities.

Standard size is 11,7cm for the corner and 13cm for the middle pockets.

From 8 Tables, we offer special pocket sizes upon request

Choose for a laminate of your choice, available from 8 Tables.

Personalize your table it is possible to engrave the corners of the pockets with your name, business company.

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